Bio of a Screenwriter

Christopher Keane:

Is a member of the Writers Guild of America West, the Author's Guild, and PEN
Has written screenplays for feature films and television
Has written 14 novels and writing guides
Has taught at colleges and universities all over the U.S. and abroad

Students I have taught work in every creative capacity in the movie business, at every major studio, agency, and production company.

Christopher Keane
(617) 283-6161

      Christopher Keane talks about the intersection of science and screenwriting in an interview on The Benshi by scientist-turned-screenwriter Randy Olson, who raves:

      “Chris Keane was the starting point for my journey into the world of narrative fiction. In October of 1989, when I was an utterly movie-clueless professor of marine biology at the University of New Hampshire, I began developing an interest in feature filmmaking. Back then there existed in Boston an amazing (but now gone) resource called the Boston Film and Video Foundation which was a cooperative that hosted workshops and provided resources to struggling filmmakers. I took a couple of workshops there and heard everyone buzzing about Christopher Keane’s Weekend Screenwriting Workshop. Without a clue of what it might consist of, I just blindly signed up, paid my $200, and showed up early Saturday morning for two very long days of lectures and exercise by the man. It was truly amazing. Best workshop ever. And when I headed off to USC Cinema School in 1994 I did the math — if I learned that much in a two day workshop, imagine how much I would learn in 3 years. But last year I flashed back and realized there was never another learning experience as great. Part of it probably had to do with my mind being a blank slate, but most of it had to do with Chris being an outstanding instructor.

     Last March I tracked him down, twenty years later, and we team taught a workshop on storytelling at The Monterey Institute for International Studies. He’s tremendous and the students loved him.”

“Mr. Keane,

      Even though we have never talked or even met, I am sending this email as a thank you. I have always had a passion for visual storytelling with many ideas that I wanted to turn into screenplays or plays but just needed a jumpstart. You have given me that jumpstart I was a film major in college and have always wanted to be writer; however I felt my work was lacking and juvenile. Since college I have grown in maturity and have had life experiences which have given me a better world view. This more adult outlook on life has given me the confidence and drive to start writing once again and hopefully turn my passion into a career. I looked over all of my writing from college and decided to start fresh with a new idea that I have had for some time now. I picked up your book "How to Write a Selling Screenplay" and read it cover to cover. With the help of your book I have begun to draft the first script I am truly proud of and passionate about. For that I felt compelled to write to you. Thank you once again. I hope to hear from you if this message does indeed crosses your path.

Patrick McGee”