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Romancing the A-List:
Writing the Script the Big Stars Want to Make

     "Here's the difference between ROMANCING THE A-LIST and every other screenwriting book clogging the shelf: Chris Keane has not only been through the movie and tv wars he's still engaged in them. His insights aren't dated or theoretical -- they're as real as the studio notes he got last week. Even more impressive, he doesn't just linger on his successes. He's confident enough to analyze his failures and those hard-earned lessons are some of the most instructive in the book."

- David Himmelstein, screenwriter, Power, Talent For The Game, Village of the Damned

Christmas Babies

     Dr. Josh Heller can't explain the alarming rise in difficult labors among his patients at Tampa Memorial Hospital. Many of these women - young, low-risk in perfect health at noon - are dying in the delivery room by midnight. And then there are the babies, tiny infants distinguished by wisps of red hair and luminescent green eyes. From the seeds of corruption and madness, fearsome creations are entering the world!

The Crossing

     A Liberty Ship sails from Antwerp to New York in 1945, with a full complement of returning soldiers. The biggest winner-take-all poker game of World War II ensues with $500,000 at stake - if anyone can stay alive to collect it. "Animal" Podberski, Michelangelo Santini, Augie Epstein, Captain Hubbard IV, and Charlie Buck, blessed from birth by Lady Luck play with skill, violence, peculiar luck, cross and double cross, not just for the money, but for their lives. A novel of irresistible suspense and total entertainment, surely one of the most exciting novels ever fashioned out of a true event.

The Heir

     For the son of a sheik, intruige and pleasure are a way of life. Rama Kahn is the heir - educated at U.C.L.A., a playboy, a gambler - on a jetstream of limitless wealth and indulgence from Beverly Hills to Paris to his father's desert kingdom where ancient enemies and ruthless mercenaries threaten. And where there's only one thing thicker than blood...

     Oil is the nexus for a cruel global plot fashioned in the plush executive suites of a mighty metroleum congomerlate. And the exquisite linchpin in the conspiracy is a woman who's done everything with a man - except fall in love.

Hot Property:
Screenwriting in the New Hollywood

     HOLLYWOOD: It's not the same old story anymore. Forget outdated directions and traditional formats, and ignore what you think the studio system expects. It just doesn't matter anymore. It's a completely different writing game-and it's being played in your favor.

     Screenwriter Christopher Keane's groundbreaking new step-by-step, personalized workshop clues you in on how to win that game by shifting your screenwriting focus to meet the demands of a new independent Hollywood and still remain true to your own vision.

     Now you can write the kind of movie you want to see, as Keane-using his own, complete annotated screenplay to The Kiss as an invaluable guide-gives both the novice and professional writer the heads up on the new tricks of the trade.

"Both aspiring screenwriters and beginners should find many helpful tips in this frank but encouraging book."

- Publishers Weekly

How to Write a Selling Screenplay

     What is this strange and compelling need to write things down? To get things out of us? They say there's a deep wound in us that needs to heal and the only medicine, for most of us, is to write the wound away. Or to cut into the wound and find the source of the pain and then, by writing it down, extract the poison.

     Some of my most vivid memories of childhood are of the movies. The movies replaced a world in which I didn't want to live with one in which I did. Later on, writing became a life-long means of transportation from one world to the other. This book is about one way to make that journey. Through screenwriting.

     "My method is to take the utmost trouble to find the right thing to say, and then to say it with the utmost levity," said George Bernard Shaw. And to say it, I might add, with the utmost brevity.

The Hunter

     "Papa" Ralph Thorson is one-of-a-kind. He's a Los Angeles loner, a real-life hunter for hire who makes a dangerous living tracking down fugitives. Papa, who lives in a world of professional violence, has more than his share of daring assignments, including the break-up of a modern day J ames gang, a mission impossible raid aboard a Chicago subway train and a shoot-out with the ex-con who has kidnapped Papa's very special lady.

     Check out the feature film adaptation, "The Hunter" A Paramount Picture, starring Steve McQueen at IMDB.com.

The Huntress

     Dottie and Brandi Thorson, the window and daughter of Ralph "Papa" Thorson, the famed bounty hunter, have no choice but to take up the family business when Ralph is killed by a car bomb outside their home. Faced with a mountain of bills and no assets, the women set out to do the only thing they know how to do.

     Initially they meet with strong resistance among the mostly male denizens of the bail-bond circuit, until in a remarkable showdown they shoot and capture a notoriously dangerous felon and bring him to justice.

     Their business, which was originally publicized when the duo was shown apprehending a bail-jumper on the six o'clock evening news, continues in Los Angeles to this day.

     Check out the television hour-long series adaptation, "The Huntress" A USA Network series, starring Annette O'Toole at IMDB.com.

The Tour

     Here is the inside story of the fantasy, magic, ups and downs, the big money, the flash of the world's greatest traveling sports circus - otherwise known as the professional golf tour.

     This book is the true story of the golf tour. Of the Mod Squad - Lanny Wadkins, Johnny Miller, and company - brash and bad-ass, snatching the purses away from Palmer, Nicklaus, Trevino, Weiskopf. Of the women golfers like Kathy Whitworth and Judy Rankin. Of the media explosion that brought golf off the course and into the living room, changing the game and the players in the process.