Screenwriting Workshops

Christopher Keane teaches screenwriting workshops around the country. Check back often for updated workshops in your area.

     If you are not able to attend one of these intensive workshops with Christopher Keane, you can learn from his informative and practical approach to screenwriting in a 2-CD workshop. For more details or to obtain a copy, click here.

     Christopher Keane is a working writer, author of two dozen books and screenplays: The Hunter, Dangerous Company, and The Huntress. He's taught and lectured at Harvard, Emerson College, NYU, Smithsonian Institution, National Press Club.

     Former student Kyle Rankin, the Affleck/Damon Project Green Light director says, " Keane offers what few coaches or teachers can - the mindset of a working screenwriter. A huge advantage over taking classes from people who teach but rarely write."